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RS Marine Shipmanagement Limited is based in Cyprus, so we naturally have a good relationship with the Cypriot Maritime Authority and the local Shipping Deputy Ministry.

Special services offered to the Owners of Cypriot Flag’s vessels for which we can arrange the enregistering, first inscription (new build or ships coming from other registry), the application for obtaining Seafarers’ Flag State Endorsements and Licenses and representing the Ship owners by acting as a link between them, the vessel and the Ship Registry Authority.

Ship registration in Cyprus offers many advantages for the operation or management of vessels registered under the Cyprus flag.

Mentioning just some of the for example tax benefits:

No tax on the operational or management profits on Cyprus-registered ships
No tax on income or dividends received from a ship management company
No capital gains tax on the sale, transfer, or shares of a ship-owning company
Low tonnage tax based on gross tonnage
More than 43 countries have double tax treaties with Cyprus
Other benefits include:
Attractive, low-cost registration of a ship
Low operating cost for Cyprus-owned companies
European Union Flag and access to the European economic area
White-listed high-quality flag recognized globally

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Crew Management

Crewing & manning can be offered on a one single basis but also can be set up as full crewing management for your vessel or offshore project. With our in-house knowledge and because of our industry contacts we are able to secure the right people for your ships across all nationalities.

We will prepare and or apply for the required applications for Flag state Endorsements, Work Permits, crew planning schedules , Air flights, visa etc.

Whether your vessel requires for example one fully STCW-95 certified Deck Rating on short notice for working in the North Sea or your need 40 experienced and duly certified Riggers and 6GR Welders for a derrick barge located in the GOM, we make that work. And more.. , we are also experienced in lining up for example IRATA certified Rope Access Technicians for deployment in South East Asia area.

We provide marine crew and offshore construction workers for delivery of your vessel and barge to her working location, on a lump sum, all inclusive basis or on basis of crewing only.

RS Marine is here for

Medical Fitness
Crew travel, including airfares, ground transport, visas, immigration, hotel and agency attendance fees
Compliance with Flag State requirements
Applying and obtaining Visa’s and Workpermits
Medical Claim Handling
Insurance of Personal effects of Crew

Payroll administration for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll activities, including issuing payslips.
Crew supply
Certification checks for seafarers
Drug screening
CV vetting
Rota planning
On-board appraisals and performance management

To find out more or to discuss your specific crewing requirements, please contact us.

Yacht Marine Services

We are situated in Larnaca for a good reason!

The blue economy of Larnaca is growing because of the redevelopment of the port and marina, which signed off in late 2020. This project will feature a yacht club with retail park, a passenger terminal at the port, hotels, a private island and residential properties.

The works started beginning of 2022, including expansion of the existing port, infrastructure for cruise ships and commercial purposes as well as expansion of the marina, and extensive development of the surrounding land.

Marina Larnaca will make a huge contribution to the development of cruise tourism and increasing the demand for tourist services in the city. In addition, the expansion of the port will attract new companies involved in cruise transportation, trade and energy.

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